I’ve been feeling a lot of feelings recently, as one does. They have been all over the place some days and consistent the next. If I get all existential, it’s really just the human experience. The thing though that is new and greatly appreciated, is that underneath it all I feel a sort of calm and certainty. Continue reading

The Postcard Collection

I suppose I collect postcards. I have this green photo box filled with postcards from places I’ve been and places friends and family have been as well. It kind of just started in high school when I went to France, Switzerland and Italy in Grade 9.  My was a goal to get a postcard from each place we went and I’ve been doing that ever since. Continue reading

My Body Parts

The other day I was thinking about body confidence and I thought back to 10 years ago. In my junior high days, Nike ran a print ad campaign called “My Body Parts”. It was a series that focused on different parts of the female body and celebrated them. 7th grade me loved them because they were eye-catching, witty and celebrated parts of me I was still learning to accept.

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me: b&w

The other day I was playing around with the self timer trying to take a new pic for my Linkedin profile page. I had set up phone behind my point and shoot, precariously balanced against some books on my bed, so I could somewhat blindly try and frame my pictures. I somehow end up with these and I thought they looked kinda funky in black and white.  Continue reading

The Poet

While I was procrastinating doing things this morning, I came across some of my old poetry on my computer. In the 8th grade and in the first 3 years of university, I was really into writing poetry as a way of expressing myself and getting my emotions onto paper. I even use to share them on the first incarnation of my blog,  I Saw A Turtle On A Fence. Continue reading

Natural Hair: The Experiment


This was a bit of an unintentional experiment with wearing my hair out in its natural state. For me that meant no extensions in the form of braids or twists, how I normally wear my hair; no heat – straighteners or blow dryers (primarily because I don’t own any); and no chemicals, which I haven’t used since September 2012. I was transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair till about July or August 2013, when I chopped off all the relaxed bits.

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Take me to a museum and I shall love you forever

I feel like I live at museums. And I don’t mind one bit.

The thing is, I find museums really calming, especially when I go by myself. I don’t ever feel the need to see everything, but the galleries or exhibits I do visit, I like to engage myself completely in. Everything is so fascinating, from Roman artifacts, to minerals, to beached whales and their MASSIVE  bones. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been to the Design Exchange Museum, the Textile Museum, the Bata Shoe Museum, the Gardiner Museum, and (countless times) to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). (I also have unofficial plans to go to the Aga Khan Museum and fingers crossed for the Science Centre and the Art Gallery of Ontario).

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