Recently, there has been a song that I cannot stop singing: Mariella by Kate Nash. I have no clue why. Maybe it’s the extreme change of tempo from the slow begin to the infectious end. Maybe it’s that I been in love with British things recently, and Ms. Kate Nash falls in that category. Perhaps it’s because part of me wants to “never ever ever ever ever ever ever unglue my lips from being together!” (you know, if they were). Whatever it is, I freaking love it. So much that I even made a little postcard thing about it. (I’ve been doing that lately, decorating a postcard to express whatevs on me mind).

The song is basically about a girl who takes a glue stick and glues her lips together, much to horror of her mother. Mariella throws out all the colour and only wears black. She doesn’t speak or have many friends, but she does what she wants and is perfectly content in her own little world.

Sometimes I wish I was Mariella.

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