For some reason, I have developed a fear of driving. It’s stupid, considering I have my G2 (the second step in licensing in Ontario, before the G, where you can drive anywhere). I drove all summer and since school started. I have had my G2 for probably almost 2 years now. But my dad just called and asked me to drive his car to work and I got really scared. I live in a big city, with narrow roads, street car tracks, crazy drivers. And all of a sudden, this is extremely nerve racking.

Before I moved here in September, I was perfectly fine. My old town had wide streets, not a lot of crazy drivers and was easy to get around. It could get really busy in rush and stuff but it wasn’t that bad. I even drove on the highway a lot. Even when I moved to the city, I was still driving, mostly my brother around but it was still something. For the last two months or so, I haven’t driven because there hasn’t been a need to, but I feel like a failure. It’s the stupidest thing to be afraid of, especially since I can go and get my G. I’ve been able to for almost a year now. But somehow I can’t. The thought of sitting behind a car wheel, waiting to make a turn of the drive way, possibly hitting pedestrians or crashing into a bus is giving me chills and keeping me cooped out in my house.

My dad is coming home because he’s concerned about why I’m scared. We’re going to go driving together, but somehow I think that freaks me out even more. I wish I had my friend’s confidence. I can think of two in particular who have never been afraid and just embrace it. Hopefully I’ll learn to enjoy driving again and get over my unrealistic fear. I guess we’ll see…

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