There are some things I have realized in the last week or so that have been life changing! (not really). This is just a list of some of those realizations. Note, this basically contains a large amount of run on sentences 😛

1) If you don’t buy groceries like your dad keeps insisting that you should, eventually you will run out of food. Then you will be forced to rely on food from your school’s cafeteria, subway stations or on an abundance of snickers, until you get off your behind and realize that 3 bags of chips do not constitute a decent meal.

2) Belts are a vital part of your wardrobe. They help keep pants in a comfortable place and eliminate the need for constant adjusting and pulling.

3) Leaving your house on time is a good idea to: a) prevent yourself from being late; b) eliminate anxiousness (usually found in the form of “OMG! Am I gonna make it??! AHHH!!!); c) stop the constant chasing after buses and running for subways (made worse because you forgot your belt).

4) Bus passes are vital. Without them you’re screwed.

5) Know where your stuff is. Or else you’ll spend 20 minutes trying to locate something (let’s say earphones). You’ll become frustrated and eventually music-less, because nature dictates that your earphones should be where your MP3 is. But alas, nature loves to screw people over.

6) Always be prepared for foul smelling apartment hallways upon exiting the stairs or escalator. Although at times it can smell deliciously like pancakes or deceivingly like Trix.

7) Don’t rub your eyes while there’s chocolate on your fingers.

8) Beware of your unconscious facial expressions and actions. Maybe when you’re deep in thought you scrunch your face up, purse your lips and squint one eye.Perhaps you’re a tongue chewer, unaware that when oblivious to what’s happening around you, you sound like a well fed cow.

9) Don’t make weird faces when leaving apartment buildings you don’t inhabit. It’s suspicious looking.

10) Always check your pockets (maybe that’s where you’ll find the missing earphones the next morning).


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