The 14th of February

Well it’s Valentine’s Day. Yea! I guess. I’ve never really been into it. But I do like the chocolate and candy, naturally. I had a container of conversation hearts, which led to make this little 6 second video. The song is Valentine by Kina Grannis. She’s awesome.


My friend Rae made an interesting video about the history of Valentine’s Day: check it out! 🙂 

In other news, the Grammy’s were yesterday. And I actually stayed up, neglected my work and watched the whole thing :O. I’m not much for award shows because I have a dislike for speeches (the mute button and my self are close personal friends). 

  But I was surprised at two the winners: Esperanza Spalding (YouTube) for Best New Artist and The Arcade Fire for Album of the Year. I’d never heard of Spalding so I googled/wikied/YouTubed her and she’s pretty awesome. Very deserving. 
And of course, the Arcade Fire are proud Canadians, so it’s all good. I only know one song by them, Rebellion (Lies). <-♥ They seemed shocked, as did Barbra Streisand, who read out the award. Montreal was mentioned about 4 times in their speech – woot woot for Canada!!
Some good performances were by Miranda Lambert, Dr Dre + Rihanna + Eninem + Skylar Grey, B.O.B. + Bruno Mars + Janelle Monae, Mumford and Sons and the Avett Brothers.
Now, for some outrageousness…

 Yeah, she showed up on the Red Carpet in this egg and was “born” on stage as she emerged to perform her song “Born This Way”. Ridiculous, but not as crazy as the meat dress…
Of course Ms. Nicki Minaj would show up looking like this with her signature pink lipstick and a Bride of Frankenstein wig. 
Oh, and J. Biebs had ninja drummers (though you can’t see the drums here because they’re in stealth mode)

Cee-lo was channeling some major Elton John and I was scared Gwen would fall off the piano o_O.  Those were like 5 inch heels! As my friend so awesomely put it : 
I think he had a little brawl with Big Bird before he showed up to the Grammy’s. Judging by his outfit, Big Bird won”.

♥ Turtles

photos from Yahoo and ABC Action

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