A Poem of Remembrance

A while ago, I wrote this poem inspired by a picture of a black, southern, slave with scars on his back in  National Geographic’s Concise History of the World (2006). Love that book. Sadly I don’t have a photo, because I’m not at home and will not be back for about a week.
Since it’s black history month, I thought it might be nice to post it, although I’m not the biggest fan of the month, but that’s another issue. No name for the poem because I suck at naming things 🙂
The scars of my people rang hot on your back
Their pain was yours to carry
The suffering, the crying of a nation spent,
Their hurt is what made you wary
But somewhere inside a part of you said
I come from a long line of kings
Brave people and faces who toughed all strife
Who were guided by a voice within
Your scars are reminders of battles long fought
The pain a distant numbness inside
My nation no longer weeps great tears
But still struggles to keep hurt aside
The thoughts and ideas that held us captive so long
Are still keeping many souls hostage
There’s a long way to go until true acceptance is found
Until we’re finally free of this bondage
But we give thanks to  those who gave hope to the people
Thanks to those whose voices rang loud
Thanks to the hearts who gave everything they had
We promise, we’ll make you proud

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