The Perils of Polish

Random post ahead…

Recently, while scanning the videos of YouTube, I happened upon a “water marble” nail art video…and then the addiction started. Literally, an addiction. I spent probably about 3 hours that day (just over a week ago) watching these videos by MySimpleLittePleasures. For some reason, YouTube would not let me subscribe to her videos, but thanks goodness for me, she has a blog!!!!!!! AND links to other nail polish blogs 😀 It’s been non-stop ever since. I’m subscribed to only two of them (Polish or Perish is the other), but trust me, daily searches about collections and availability in Canada have been occurring.

Why is it an addiction and not just a new hobby? Well about a 1/2 hour after I finished the videos (I was hungry and I had to eventually start an assignment due the next day), I tried the water marbling. It’s the randomest thing of life and it took me two hours to get it looking decent but I was hooked.

This was after a day  and my first try (don’t mind the doodles on my hand)

Two days later, I had a four hour break in between classes and hopped on over to Zellers. I couldn’t settle on just one colour so I bought three (that’s a lot for a broke child like myself). Then before my next class started, I had done another set. This time red and silver. And once more two days later, this time red with a thick pink sparkle over.

O gosh, I’m in love ♥♥♥♥

Last night i did it again. This time: SPONGES!!! Silver and blue with a pink sparkle tip. My bro thinks I’m sad because every time he sees me I’m reading up on the latest OPI collection or what colour Zoya looks best against your skin tone :D. I’m pretty sure I’ve inhaled enough acetone to seriously affect me later in life.

So I know, random nail polish blog, but I HAD to get it off my mind…If I come up with any splendid and creative, I’ll post it 🙂

Next post will be legit. PEACE!!

– Turtles♥

p.s. my hair is now partially blue (no more green for moi)


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