Podcasting Binge

Earlier in February, I went on what I’m gonna call a podcasting binge. I downloaded a bunch podcasts, both video and audio, from the Zune Marketplace as well as CBC.ca. And by “binge”, I mean a ridiculous amount of downloading in a short period of time. I’m no sure why, but maybe it’s because I have not been getting my regular dose of informative and interesting information since I’ve stopped listening to the radio. Or perhaps after last semester’s Canadian studies assignment where I listened daily to CBC’s Maritime Noon podcasts (in which they discuss various topics from the eastern part of Canada),  I’ve becoming fascinated with them.
My favourites are TEDTalks, a video podcast with a wide range of topics, from creativity, to multidenominational and religious cartoons to building houses out of recycled material, and CBS Radio Mystery Theater, a radio show from the late 1970’s. TEDTalks are on average 15-20 mins long and very interesting to listen to. Authors, carpenters, academics, experts, and heads of organizations are just some of the many lecturers. They also do interviews. The Mystery Theater is very cool because it’s a story told over 45 mins, with man different voice actors and sound effects and fascinating plots. I also love The Age of Persuasion because it’s clever and entertaining.
Here’s a list of the ones I currently subscribe to and recommend. Click on them for links to the websites and more information. Feel free to suggest more in the comments 🙂 
– Turtles
P.S. If you ever need to insult someone, try this: “May the hair growing on your lip grow backwards and tangle with the hair growing from your nose!” (courtesy of Sophia Patrillo from the Golden Girls)

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