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Lately I’ve been thinking about ways to motivate myself into doing what needs to be done, or what I would like to do. Like right now, I supposed to be preparing a five minute oral Spanish presentation for tomorrow for which I have no research or desire to do. The guy I’m doing (José Martí), was someone I studied in gr 11 English and because of my hoarding habits, I still have my report, sources and PowerPoint. I’m procrastinating and will probably just translate everything. But see, that’s my problem, no motivation. Oh, and I get distracted by television very very very very very very very very very often.

But in terms of things I would like to do, I have decided to set some goals for myself. After spending copious hours on YourPants, I came across three challenges I’m going to attempt.

#1) 50 Book Challenge

I love to read but I never seem to finish books. I would start them, get half way through, start another and so on and so on. And if I remember the plot well enough, I don’t go back until I forgot what exactly has happened. For example, the excellently written book, A Telling of Stars, by Caitlin Sweet, is one I have started about 5 times. Each time I get a bit further, and although this is one of the few books I own and one that has quite fantastic, I have yet to finish it. So that’s why I’m doing this. 50 books in one year. It’s doable.

#2) 30 Day Drawing/Art Challenge

The “/Art” part was really needed cuz I’m a crap drawer. I’m good at “turning junk into cool junk” as one of my friend’s dad said, but drawing is a weakness. Each day there is a new theme that I shall attempt to tackle. I’ve never taken a class or had any natural ability, but hey. What the heck.

#3) Project 365

I don’t know how well this one will turn out or even if it will be sucessful, but I’ll try. It’s basically taking a picture everyday. There is already one obstacle seeing as I am not currently in possesion of a decent camera, but I guess that will just force me to be creative 🙂

I won’t post updates daily cuz it’s really not that interesting and I’m trying to limit my computer time, so weekly I guess (although the book thing will probably be less since a book a week is NOT happening at this time).

These should be quite the interesting challenges… anywho, back to Spanish -_-

♥ Turtles
F.Y.I. If you have 3 quarters, 4 dimes, and 4 pennies, you have $1.19. You also have the largest amount of money in coins without being able to make change for a dollar.

 No longer am I doing the art challenge, but a poem challenge where I write a poem everyday for as long as I can. More here 🙂

2 thoughts on “Challenges

  1. Rae B says:

    random fact 😛

    Hey… your junk into cool junk is awesome! you should make something for your bestest budy here.. 😉 lol.

    Goodluck with your challenges!


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