Springtime, I love you ♥

I’m not to sure when the official start to ♥♥SPRING♥♥ is, but I’m going to say it was yesterday. Why? Because I lost an hour of sleep changing my clocks so it had better be for a good reason.

But anyways, today is the nicest and loveliest day it has been in a long long time. All last week was rainy and dreary and cold. Actually, not rain, but rather falling slush, through which cars drive and splash you 😦 But today made up for all of that!! The sun is shining, the birds chirping, not hats or mittens required! And I like it.

I decided to embrace it a bit and do some errands (really just one and a mini, completely unnecessary, shopping spree). I had to return some books to the library so I headed on the streetcar to enjoy the sunshine (I know, it’s inside, but it’s better than the subway). I went to pay fines. Ridiculous fines!!! 50 cents a day per book!!!! WTFudge!!! 3 books + 3 days over due = $4.50!! That’s, (once more), RIDICULOUS!!, considering I just came from a library system where it was only 10 cents a day 😦 But I paid it, because I’m a good child.

Then I did a bit of nail polish shopping, spent a bit too much money, and realized my familia is right, it’s a bit of an addiction. But I enjoy it, and none of us have yet to die or be hospitalized from the fumes. So there: justified.

If you feel like reading something and you have no clue what, I recommend The Associate by John Grisham (♥ him). Good read, although I am currently in the process of completing it myself. Well, I hope you guys are having a beautiful, lovely, super-fantastic day!!

♥ Turtles
Because Franz Ferdinand makes any day THAT much better ♥♥♥

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