I decided to enter a Spanish writing competition at my school where you can enter a short story, an essay or a poem. And of course I wrote a poem, because I suck at short stories and the thought of attempting more Spanish grammar than necessary, is not particularly appealing.

I finished my poem on Sunday after thinking about it for the whole weekend. It’s called La soledad or Loneliness. It rhymes in Spanish, but not too much in English. The Spanish version is first, and then my English translation (it sounds better in Spanish :P)

La soledad

La soledad
es una oportunidad
para examinar la realidad
de ayer

La soledad
no da racionalidad
pero la claridad
en el mundo

La soledad
es una invisibilidad
y una dualidad
nadie puede ver

La soledad
es la tragedia de edad;
la longevidad
de tiempo

La soledad
es fragilidad;
es la casualidad
de ser.


is an opportunity
to examine the reality
of yesterday

does not bring rationality
but rather clarity
in the world

is an invisibility
and a duality
no one can see
is the tragedy of age;
the longevity
of time
is fragility;
it is the casualty
of being
♥ Turtles

2 thoughts on “Loneliness

  1. Jaime says:

    This is wonderful, I wish I was proficient enough in spanish to write like that! By the way, thank you for the lovely comment you left a couple days ago about my poem 🙂


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