Kenya: a year later (part 3)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day all!! Yesterday, I woke up, put on a green sweater, some green shorts, had my nails all done in four shades of green and I tried to find my bright green rain jacket but couldn’t. Only when I was waiting at the bus stop heading to school did I realize that today it was NOT St. Patrick’s Day. -_- Oh well. I redid my nails in green but didn’t wear any becauase I already did 😛

Part 3 of Kenya stuff 🙂 I don’t feel like typing much, so I’m just gonna post pictures with explanations from about March 16th to March 19th 2010.

Wheelbarrows in the school yard

View from the school yard

First day of working

Sooo much mud. It would rain daily for about half the day in the afternoon.

It gets everywhere. I even had to throw out my shoes by the end of the trip (the brown ones).

Where the village gets their water.

My attempt at the water walk. This is how the women in the village transport their water.

Our guide demonstrating

The dining tent

Nasty bugs were everywhere at night in the dining tent. Big, scary flying nasty things.

Community Day – cooking and making a tomato flower

Just doing some laundry

a shower tent

me doing some laundry

Cooking our lunch. A concoction of kidney beans, maize (in kernel form) and potatoes, all seasoned.


a few days into the construction

outhouses/washrooms being built at the top of the hill on the school grounds

Working on an almost complete school house (the school is made of various “houses” – they are not connected)

Building around windows

The school grounds


heading back to camp

The school sign

Fences are made out of cacti because they grow naturally there and quickly too. Barbed wire is placed in between. 

The kitchen – lunch is provided for all children

The teacher’s quarters, office and storage places. It was the old high school (i think) and is across the road from the current school.

We decided to place a loonie into the wall, because we’re Canadian and that’s what we doing (like the loonie in the ice at the Olympics). We all kissed it before we put it in the cement. This is me…

Poster in the classroom

children in school – all schools have uniforms

The colours for Salabwek are Blue and Yellow

The loonie

It’s location, once buried

Still hard at work! Almost the end of the trip

Closing ceremony 🙂

The parents and elders gave us all bracelets 🙂

Our last dinner

The FANTASTICALLY super awesome cake that the camp staff made for us!! The outline is Canada and they baked the whole thing over a fire!

I don’t remember what it means but I’m sure it’s something awesome in Swahili


On our way home
♥ Turtles
p.s. These photos are pretty cool 🙂

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