Bollywood Love

Now I can’t claim to be an expert on Bollywood, or anything Indian for that matter, but I quite enjoy watching Bollywood films. Every Sunday at noon on OMNI, a channel that shows various cultural programming in multiple languages throughout the week, they play a Bollywood movie. Should I not be at church or still sleeping, I like to tune in and enjoy. The films have subtitles, thank goodness, because my Hindi is non-existent. Although the translations aren’t the best, you get the gist.
There are three reasons why I think love these movies so much.
1) The music!!:  Years ago, I used to be neighbours with a Trinidadian woman. We (my bro and I) would be at her house often after school or when my parents were working. She would always play soundtracks from various films and have them playing on the TV too. I think that’s where this whole thing started. I love the music because it’s different from the music I normally hear. For one, the woman’s voice is always very high pitched. It always sounds so beautiful and I don’t think the translations do it justice. Sometimes it’s sad, other times happy and jolly. And there are ALWAYS awesome dance moves.
2) India: I know that what I see is not the whole country, just a selection of the beautiful, but beautiful it is. The shots used are often very stunning and the people and the culture are gorgeous. Especially the clothes. Weddings for instance, are extremely ornate, in the costuming, makeup, jewelery, henna, etc. The colours and designs are stunning. Even in sad film, the beauty is always there.
3) The endings: Not all movies have a happy ending, but I have yet to meet a Bollywood one that didn’t. Nor do I want to. I like when things end well. Last week, one movie almost had me fooled. I was one the edge of my seat, almost crying, but not quite because the tears would block my view. There was five minutes left and the wife had not returned!! She full out hoped on the plane and went away!! Only 3 mins before the film was over, did she return. I was sooo relieved. My brother and dad thought I was crazy but honestly, I was freaked. An unhappy ending to a  Bollywood movie? Never.
My favourite film is the very hilarious Sunday (2008). It’s about a girl who goes clubbing, gets drugged, and forgets a whole day, waking up on Monday. She, along with various extremely funny friends and strangers, try to remember what happened on Sunday.  I hope that if you’re ever in the mood for something different and interesting, you give Bollywood a try 🙂
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