Canadians are awesome

Last night were the Junos, a Canadian music award show, kind of like the Grammy’s. I never intended to watch it, but since both The Celebrity Apprentice and The Amazing Race were not showing, I ended up watching it. And it was actually pretty good. One of our more popular exports, Drake, hosted it and he was fantastic! Probably the best host I’ve ever seen and I generally don’t like them. But he was extremely funny and messed up only once. His Old Money sketch is hilarious.

Anyway, while Shania Twain was accepting her life time achievement award, I got to thinking about how awesome Canadians are, and being a Canadian is. Honestly! It’s one of the best countries on the planet, in my humble opinion. We’re peaceful, pretty well off, compared to a lot of countries, our health care and education is excellent and we’re generally nice people. Stereotypes about hockey, the weather, and our beloved Tim Hortons, are generally based in truth, but if that’s what people think of us, that’s great.

The Junos honour Canadian musicians and throughout the program, I heard names of people I’ve never heard of before. But it just made me proud that there are so many great musicians out there representing Canada making all types of music. I guess I’m just in a proud mood 🙂

Here’s some awesome Canadian music for you guys. 

Oh Canada – Classified, a good old Maritime Rapper. Very good song.

The Anthem – Kardinal Offishall, a Toronto rapper
Loving You Is Easy – Sarah Mclachlan ( the one that brought you in the arrrmmss of an anggelll…)
Here are some other songs you might like:
Hope you enjoy them ♥ Turtles 

p.s. What stereotypes do people have about Canada and Canadians? I’m curious to know what people outside of Canada actually think of us. Leave a comment 🙂

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