A longing to create

I wrote this poem as part of my poem challenge. That challenge, which was to write a poem every day for as long as I can, has ended. About 3 days ago. I admit, I had missed a few days, but that was mostly because a poem was unfinished and I was thinking it over. This poem is called “A longing to create”. I really like to sew, cut and paste, make crafty things, and just generally create new stuff. But I’ve been kind of uninspired lately so that is where the inspiration came from. In my head, it is more like spoken word, so imagine someone reading it like that…

A longing to create
There is a longing to create
flowing through my veins 
from my heart to my brain
just giving me pain
and it’s a strain
to contain
wills and desires
a glittery lust
settling dust
of ashes burnt
from a muse’s flame
who inspires 
who retains
thoughts and ideas
and imagination
in a world littered
with diamonds and pearls
lost pieces of hope
sailing the river of soul
from my brain to my heart
flowing veins of art
suppressed in part
by time and chance
forever obstructing
the natural flow
eternally fueling
my longing to create.

Written March 21st 2011

♥ Turtles

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