Kina Grannis in Concert (+ zombie ninjas)

Stairwells 2011

Last night, the awesome singer-songwriter Kina Grannis came to Toronto. I went with a my friend Amanda for her birthday – Happy Birthday!!! (It’s today). Anyway, Kina was FANTASTIC!! Honestly, she is soooo good live. For those who don’t know, Kina started singing covers and putting original material on YouTube in 2007, (although she has been singing for longer), and has been growing ever since. She is a brilliant singer with such an honest voice. She recently released her newest album, a remastered version of her 2010 album “Stairwells”. We bought the deluxe edition which has covers and extra material as well as music videos.

Imaginary Friend (sorry for bad pic quality)

The show started about 40 mins late, probably because people took so long to get in. It was sold out and held at the Great Hall, in Toronto, the third stop on her tour. The late start was really only frustrating because Amanda and I were terribly hungry due to the fact that we didn’t have the sense to eat before we left. Her opening act, Imaginary Friend, was great. Just a man with a guitar and a soothing voice. You can see him on facebook, myspace or Twitter, with the name “imaginarytweets” (hehehe).

Then Kina came on, to a much adoring crowd. We Torontonians love her 🙂 She opened with “The World in Front of Me”, the name of her tour. Her set consisted of new songs, like “In Your Arms“, old favourites, such as “Valentine” and “Message From Your Heart” and some requests shouted out by the crowd. She was very laid back and fun and awesome to see live. You can actually listen to the regular version of the CD on AOL New Releases. Amanda had only heard Valentine before going to the concert and she loved it 🙂

*unrelated stuff ahead*

Amanda and I didn’t stay for the meet and greet with Kina because we were just so hungry and she had class all day the next day. So we headed back to my place but decided to stop for pizza up the street. We went to Pizza Pizza, and got a large pepperoni because there was a deal. It was almost midnight, there was a music video about zombie ninjas playing, so naturally our conversation shifted to a lovely discussion on whether or not ninjas could be zombies and zombies ninjas. While we were waiting for our gooey deliciousness to arrive, some guy, named Adam apparently, comes in and asks to sit down at our table. The restaurant was empty with lots of free space, but we said yes (cuz we’re polite). Then he joined out conversation, explaining the origins of ninjas and samurais. He continued to talk about random stuff, got our pizza for us and talked while we ate and listened. He told some unrelated story about an 18 year old in a bar (19’s the drinking age in Ontario) and was like 18!! Ohh those high schoolers. Then he asks us, so you’re in university right? We answer yes (it’s true) so he continues to talk for a bit. When he gets up to get us napkins, he asks, you guys are 21 right? Nope. 19 (one more month still for me). He says ohh, sort of finishes what he was talking about, gets his jacket and leaves, like he’s about to be caught doing something wrong. Really? Honestly? I’ve had plenty of conversations with random strangers (of all ages – old people especially). I mean, he seemed like a perfectly normal guy who just liked talking to people at midnight on a Wednesday, but that 19 thing just threw us off. Did he expect something to happen? If he tried anything, we would have gone all zombie ninja on his ass.

Thoughts on Zombie Ninjas or got some Kina Love? Leave in the comments 🙂

♥ Turtles
p.s. Two music videos:
My fave Kina song that she did not sing unfortunately.
I found the Zombie Ninja music video

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