A Crafty Disposition

*Warning: Lots of pictures* I really enjoy making things, sewing, creating collages, etc. My friend’s dad says I have a knack for making random junk into cool junk. So I thought I would share some of the more recent, and not so recent, things I have made. Around Christmas time, I decided to do a “12 Days of Crafting” thing on Facebook, though I only made it up to 8. It was a good experience though. There are explanations with the photos. Hope you like them 🙂 Links to some of the tutorials I used or my inspirations, are below.

Part of a calendar I had to make in my gr 11 World Religions class. We were supposed to draw, but since I can’t I used magazines to create images depicting the religion. This one is Aboriginal Spirituality.



Redecorated bangles

T-shirt Necklace

12 Days: A paper clip and bead necklace

12 Days: Collage clock. Made with magazines and googly eyes

12 Days: The Life Cycle of a Fish

From fish…

…to sushi! yumm (I’m working on a shark version)

12 Days: Glitter Shoes

I glued on a bunch of rhinestones to the heels

Then BAM! I glitterized!

12 Days: Funky Snowflake

12 Days: Some cushions

12 Days: Chocolate Mice

A failed attempt

They were a present for my friend’s family. I used Almond slices for the ears, icing for the face, Hershey’s kisses for the head and a Maraschino cherry for the bottom.
I hope to hop back on the crafting bandwagon, probably with some jewelry and clothes, once my last exam is over on wednesday. Also, there are about 5 April birthdays between me and my friends, and we plan on having a get together b-day bash, so I’ll post the presents I made/possibly buy for them.
♥ Turtles

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