I ♥ Television (part 1)

I am currently working on a post about the federal debates that happened last week, but for now, TELEVISION!! Because that’s all I have been doing: watching television, surfing the net, drinking my food and complaining about the pain in my mouth. I really should be studying for my Spanish exam in two days, but why would I when television is so much more interesting 🙂 So here are some of my faves in various interchangeable categories.
Favourite Canadian Show
Canada has produced some awesome shows over the years. These ones are the ones I like that I can remember. 

– Republic of Doyle – about a private investigator in Newfoundland. Very good.  
– InSecurity – A comedy about a fictional gov’t agency
– Radio Free Roscoe – fantastically fantastic pre-teen/teen drama set in Manitoba that went on for 2 seasons
– Corner Gas – Probably the most known Canadian comedy show about a gas station in Saskatchewan
– Little Mosque on  the Prairie – what it sounds like
– 18 to Life – the lives of two 18 year olds who get married

Favourite British Show
Not like I watch a lot of them… 
– Doctor Who (of course!) – new season starts Saturday!! (click here for trailer)
Misfits pure awesomeness!
Favourite Comedy/Sit-Com

– Psych – funniness involving a “physic” detective and his best friend in Southern California
– Community Probably the funniest/strangest thing on T.V. now
– The Big Bang Theory

Favourite Off Air Show

– Star Trek (TNG, DS9 and Voyager)I love me some Star Trek. The new movie was great too.

Favourite 80s Show

– Golden GirlsI  watched every single episode in the fall on YouTube and am re-watching them now on television. Those girls are hilarious. Who knew old age could be so fun!

Favourite 90s Show

– The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – Will Smith =
– Saved by the Bell

Favourite Sci-Fi Show

– Being Human (U.S.) – I plan to watch the original British version about this ghost, vampire and werewolf, once I finish this season.
– Torchwood – The move to America better not ruin this show!!  After 3 seasons of awesome British-ness, I have expectations!!

AGENT P!!! (Phineas and Ferb)
Favourite Children’s Show

– The Imagination Movers – Fantastic show involving music and Brainstorming!
– Arthur – a classic of course
– Phineas and Ferb – if you have not seen this, shame on you!! It’s the best animated Disney show in a LONG time. It is great for literally alllll ages, with some catchy musical numbers
– Life with Derek – a Canadian show about a blended family  
– Wingin’ It – Another Canadian show involving a high school student and his guardian angel 

 As you can probably tell, I watch too many shows… Any recommendations for a new Sci-Fi show? I’m think Battlestar Galactica or one of the Star Gates, but I’m not sure…. 
♥ Turtles

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