I ♥ Television (part 2)

Favourite Children’s Show (part 2)
I realized I missed some big ones for this category. 
– Kim PossibleI have seen every episode at least twice. Oh, and the Naked Mole Rap is awesome 🙂

– Lizzie McGuireThis show was one of my faves, following the lives of Miranda, Lizzie and Gordo as they go through middle school. The movie was great as well.
– Class of 3000A short lived animated series by Andre 3000 from Outkast, about kids at a music school. The music is FANTASTIC.
– The Weekenders  A Disney show about four friends in Bahia Bay and their lives. Hilarious for an animated show, with an awesome theme song.

Favourite Talk Show

I don’t watch talk shows really because I think interviews are awkward, and I tend to avoid awkward things.
– Rick Mercer Report – not too sure if this would really qualify as a talk show, but he does interviews, mostly while doing random and very cool things
– The Ellen Degeneres Show – who doesn’t watch this? 

Favourite Drama/Action

– The Good Wife – Best drama of the year. Hands down.
– NCIS – Drama? I don’t know, but I’ve seen almost every single episode. Here’s a blog about it.
– Hawaii Five-O – Crime? In Hawaii? Bring it!
– BonesAfter about 6 seasons, Brennan, a forensic anthropologist, and Booth, and FBI agent, need to hurry up and get the hell together.
– Body of Proof – This only started a few weeks ago but I love it! It’s about a neurosurgeon who can no longer perform surgeries so she becomes a medical examiner.

Shows I need to finish

– Hellcats – a show about cheerleaders featuring Ashley Tisdale and Aly Michalka
– The Mentalista “physic” helps the police solve crime
– Lie To MeA man who is extremely good at scientifically telling if people are lying or not, helps the FBI and various clients solve their problems, with the help of his team. 

Yeah, Wipeout’s awesome.
Favourite Reality Shows
I don’t necessarily watch these on a regular basis because I know what happens if I miss them, but they’re good shows. Although there are waaayyy too many ANTMs and I’ve stopped watching them.

– Big Brother
– The Amazing Race
– The Celebrity Apprentice
– America’s Next Top Model
– Wipeout and Wipeout Canada

 Favourite Canceled Shows

– Hidden Palmsthis was on a few years ago, but I was pissed when they canceled it mid-season.
– Kings – beautifully made show that was apparently to expense to continue, and was canceled before they finished the season!

Favourite Informational Shows
Things that show on the Discovery Channel, History Channel, TVO, things like that

– Mythbusters
– Underworld Histories
– Ultimate Engineering
– Mega Structures – If you’re going to watch any, watch the one on the Petronas Towers. Those Malaysians are crazy good.

 Favourite Music Related Shows
How many shows can really fit into this category…

– Glee

Favourite Mini-Series

– Alice (Sy-Fy) based on Alice in Wonderland
– Tin Man (SyFy)Based on the Wizard of Oz, with Zooey Deschanel as Dorothy
– Sherlock (BBC) I was soooo pissed when I discovered there were only 3 episodes. But they are continuing it, thank goodness!!

Well that’s it.
♥ Turtles 

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