Going in blind…

So it’s been a week since my last post but I have a good reason: I am in Quebec City!! I left last Saturday, my birthday, and traveled 10 hours, with 3 hours sleep, from Toronto to Montreal and then on to the capital of Quebec. I’m here for five weeks on a university/Government of Canada program, Explore, to improve my French by being placed in a French environment and taking French courses. I’m at the University of Laval, which is a pretty nice school. Big campus, lots of residences, okay food and great proximity to three malls and a Metro grocery store.

This was a very last minute choice. I had applied in January but was wait listed and since I hadn’t heard from them, I figured I had not been accepted. They only called me last Tuesday, and since I wasn’t doing anything for the summer, I said yes. Then I rush mailed a bunch of stuff and hopped on a train Saturday morning. It was kind of hectic, but a lot more relaxed now that I’m here. I hadn’t received any information about residence or classes so I basically went blindly into a new city. Thanks to a nice taxi driver, a classmate I met in Montreal and the very nice Laval students, things worked out.

My major issue is that I still do not have internet. (I’m posting this from a friend’s computer). They have not given me a university card, although everyone else got their’s on Monday, and the wireless lady won’t give me internet until her computer says I have an active card. Everything, including the library, is closed on the weekends and the past week has been really busy so I just haven’t have time to go on. But hopefully, come Monday, everything will be sorted out.

I hope y’all had a great week 🙂

♥ Turtles

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