Some Birthday Goodies

A few weeks ago, my friends and I had an April Birthday Bash, like one big get-together to celebrate all the April birthdays (6 this year) at one time. My goal was to make a present for each friend, and I did. So here are the pics from that. I am missing photos of two Harry Potter wands that I made because I forgot to take pictures of them before I gave them away. Links to tutorials and such in the captions 🙂

Crayon monogram for my friend’s wall (I evened it out after)

Not made by me, but pretty awesome. Cake in a Jar. Yummm.

Instead of a cake, how bout Cake Pops??

cake, icing and melts with lollipop sticks

For another friend, a bracelet made of safety pins and beads.

A Teesha Moore Scrapbook (I hadn’t glued it to the book at this point)

some detail: the whole thing was hand stitched

To go with the bracelet, a necklace made of washers from the hardware store and ribbons (awesome tshirt site)

So very true

A key chain with a bible verse
♥ Turtles

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