The Equitable Division of Edible Assets

There are some things you learn while living with people and over the many years of living with my brother I have noticed that I like an equitable division of edible assets. Basically, in terms of food I want my share.

There’s a trend in my house that if you don’t eat the food there and then, ya get none. One day there could be 6 apple sauces; the next day only 2. Same with granola bars or the quantity of hot chocolate. It bugs me sooo much. So I started taking my share as soon as it gets in the house. Labeling, storing food in my room, etc. It bugs my family, but it’s just one of those things. Although my need for edible equality has been somewhat unreasonable at times. For instance, I insisted that my brother and I each get 2 packs of Doritos that my mom had bought, even though we both know that I don’t like Doritos. It’s been a few months now, and there’s still a pack sitting on my shelf, which I selfishly refuse to give to him. It’s a matter of lame pride but one day I know they’ll be gone. It’s a bad habit, but what can I do?

On another topic that deals not with my demands and shortcomings, I helped my friend make Japanese rice balls today and while I was not looking, she created these adorable faces for them!

eeeeeeee!!! soo cute!!!
♥ Turtles

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