Fave Posts: Written Work

I know I haven’t been posting much but there are two good reasons.

1) I haven’t had much time. It’s been quite busy here in Québec with activities every day and now that exams and final projects are all next week, lots of homework.

2) I haven’t had anything to write about. I like to feel somewhat motivated to write a post and nothing has come to me lately. I was doing laundry the other day and spent an hour and a half in the residence’s basement trying to come up with something and all I got was two half written poems and a lot of unfinished thoughts.

But I decided today that I would list some of my favourite blog posts from some of the people I follow. The blogging world is still reatively new to me, but there are lots of people who post interesting stuff. Today, I’m dealing with written pieces, be them poetry, short stories, articles or people’s thoughts.

1) Insightful Youtube Comment – Egyptian Nerd Popcorn
This very truthful post talks about Youtube comments and the things people write. Captain K also wrote a post on facebook which tells a lot of truths as well.

2) Civil Disobedience – Little Orange Jeep Girl
In a humourous way, she talks about civil disobience, an essay by Henry David Thoreau written in 1849. I quite enjoyed this insightful post and if I remember to read more, I’ll definitely look this essay up.

3) Childish Games – Little Orange Jeep Girl
She’s back again with a great article that she wrote and was published on teenink.com. I actually love this article so much. A little bit of silly is what we all need.

4) A list within a list – some poems by Jaime from Space Cadet Escapades. She is a wonderful writer and always comes up with beautiful titles that fit her poems so well 🙂
A Place Father Time Skipped
Love and Logic
The Value of Instead
Old Fabric

5) Mortal Oak is a British blogger who writes great short stories and is an active member of Nerdfigteria 😀 Here’s a link to his short stories on his blog Acorns of Epiphanies (awesome name btw).

6) Five Diseases I’m Glad I Don’t Have – A Slave to Pen and Ink
Those are five diseases I’m glad I don’t have as well. Check out Zimri’s life lessons too; they make me smile because they’re so true.

7) I Am Not A Skinny Girl – Words from a Nerdy Girl
The title says it all.

♥ Turtles

3 thoughts on “Fave Posts: Written Work

  1. Jaime says:

    I don't know what to say other than thank you! And thanks for introducing me to all of these awesome bloggers, though I follow a few of them already 🙂


  2. Captain K says:

    Thanks so much! I'm infinitely flattered by this. I too, am already following most of these. We should all do more stuff like this to help build the NerdFighter blogging community. The Youtubers do lots of stuff, like tagging games, Nerd-Offs, internet prom, etc. Why not us?


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