Journey to…

I have always been jealous of people who know what they want and go after it; people with goals and dreams and the drive to accomplish them. At the same time, I am inspired to examine my life and the path I am on. Is it the right one? And where will it take me?

Last night I came across the website It is a blog style website run by two women in Toronto: actress and singer Andrea Lewis, and author and photographer Shannon T. Boodram. They are two very funny people who, in addition to having this blog and their own busy careers, create sketch style YouTube videos that are thought provoking, silly and humourous.

While browsing through their YouTube channel, I came across a segment called “Journey to…” where either Andrea or Shannon discussed their goals and plans for the upcoming months and how they planned to achieve them. I admire their drive and dedication, something I have always lacked. I decided to create my own “Journey to…” post because I figure if I share my goals, maybe I would have more motivation to complete them. Nothing on this list is terribly life changing or exciting, though each thing means something to me. I guess this would be my journey to a happier me.

1. Declutter: I have been feeling the need to clean out my life, if that makes senses. Physically, I have too much stuff; I keep everything. I love organization, I am just not terribly organized. Non-physically, I need to figure out what is important and what is not needed in my life.

2. Music Video: I have no aspirations of being a professional musician, or a film maker, though I do enjoy both music and movies. Quite frequently, when I listen to a song, I can visualize a whole music video in my head and I often replay the song to “edit”, if you will, my mental music video. I think it would be cool to actually make a video, because of the creative process it involves and variety of interpretations a song can have.  It’s a new creative outlet I’d like to try. (Note: not my own music because I lack musical talent).
3. G : In Ontario, a G license is the final license you can receive, permitting you to drive basically anywhere.  I could have gotten this license sometime last year but I haven’t due to a stupid fear of driving that I developed. But it’s time to conquer this fear, get back behind the wheel and drive. I need to practice, because my parking’s pretty bad, but I also need to rebuild my confidence and be comfortable knowing that I will most likely not kill someone and/or myself when I drive. 
4. Braces: I don’t know if this is a goal so much as a done deal that has not happened yet. By the end of June, my poor mouth shall be riddled with uncomfortable metal wires.
5. My Faith: It’s lost and needs to be found.

6. Job: Once I return, I am going to go on a major job hunt. I feel like a burden to my parents and I hate it.

7. ASL: Should I find employment, I would very much like to take some American Sign Language classes. One of my aunts is deaf and it would be awesome to be able to communicate better with her.

8. Spanish: Gotta find me a lovely Spanish companion with whom I can practice talking. Or maybe I’ll just watch more telenovelas…

9. Etsy: I have been heavily contemplating starting my own Etsy shop. For a long time now, people have been saying I should sell the things I make, although I don’t think they’re all that. But recently, this idea has been coming back over and over. I think it would be kind of cool, but I would first need employment. (Dammit, why does everything cost money?!?!)

would you buy a bracelet made of safety pins and beads?
 10. Blog: What would make me happy is if I could find some direction in terms of this blog. I know of a few people who have recently stopped blogging because  they either lost interest, or they are moving on to other things. I was considering it at one point, but I like the challenge that this blog provides. I also enjoy the medium, although at times I find it difficult to come up with something to post (and I write too many lists). I feel like it’s all over the place, with no real consistency. My goal is to figure what will become of the turtles on the fence post and see where it takes me.

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