The List: Covers

I have been watching a crazy amount of random YouTube videos lately and one day I happened across a cover of Beyonce’s Why Don’t You Love Me by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. That got me thinking about covers and a musician’s ability to take a well known song and alter it to fit their style, while still keeping the song’s essence. I love covers because it’s always interesting to hear a different interpretation and sometimes I end up liking the newer version better than the original. So after some searching and thinking, here are some of my favourite covers:

  • KINA GRANNIS – Disturbia (Rihanna Cover)
  • MARIA ARAGON – Born This Way (Lady Gaga Cover) (This is by an 11 year-old girl from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Lady Gaga fell in love and flew her out to perform at her concert in Toronto)
  • KURT HUMMEL/CHRIS COLFER (Glee) – Rose’s Turn (Cover from the musical Gypsy)
  • AMY WINEHOUSE – Me and Mr. Jones (Billy Paul Cover)
  • THE MAINE – Roses (Outkast Cover)
  • BOYCE AVENUE – Superman (Five for Fighting Cover)
  • MERCEDES JONES/AMBER RILEY (Glee) – Bust Your Windows (Jasmine Sullivan Cover)
  • RAY LAMONTAIGNE – Crazy (Gnarls Barkley Cover)

Comment question: Have any covers that you like?

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