What did I learn from Disney? How to lie.

Something that has always pissed me off about Disney is the lying. The constant, non-stop lying that various characters on multiple TV shows do. And the reasons for their untruthful demeanor are always really, really, REALLY stupid, as are the consequences and the lessons “learned”.

Take Hannah Montana for example. That show basically consists of Miley Stewart telling an unnecessary lie, getting into a foolish situation, lying some more, getting caught, telling the truth and supposedly learning her lesson while getting some lame-ass punishment. What really irks me is that she NEVER LEARNS!!! (She is extremely frustrating). 


Picture this: California. Mid 2000s. Your 15 year old daughter is upset that you won’t let her go to a concert in another state because you are unable/unwilling to take her yourself. So she calls her “aunt” lies to her, lies to you, buys plane tickets and hops on a plane to travel across the country. You find out what she’s doing and manage to get on the same flight as her. When you confront her mid-flight, she says sorry while you admit it’s all your fault because you don’t want your baby girl to grow up and y’all hug it out. And that’s that.

AHHHH!!!! NOOO!!!!!! If I was ever to do something so stupid, my parents would probably burn my passport, put me on a no-fly list and lock me in the house till I turned 30. Confessions and hugs don’t solve problems nor do they gain people’s trust. I understand that it is a children’s show and lots of stuff is just for comedic effect, but every once in a while, the truth is nice. It’s sort of like “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” situation. If you constantly lie, people will find you unreliable and untrustworthy.

But lying is commonplace on Disney and this same format can be found everywhere on shows like Cory in the House, Wizards of Waverly Place, Pair of Kings, I’m in the Band, The Suite Life on Deck, etc. (I watch a lot of Disney…). I feel like they teach children that lying constantly and without reason is okay. But in reality, it will really screw you over. They need to write cleverer shows with problems that arise out of more varied situations. Unfortunately, I don’t think that will happen because why would they change a money-making formula?


– Turtles

p.s. 5 points if you found my Golden Girls reference 😀

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