Sometimes it seems like the world expects so much, like there is a certain way everything should be done and a certain time it must be completed. Expectations can be good. They set a goal and create a desire to achieve. But when the pressure is too much and overwhelming, cracks form in the shell that took so long to create. Impossible standards create impossible goals and a constant need to attain perfection.

Perfection – a word that brings joy or fear. Joy, for knowing that something had been done without error or mistake. Fear, for failing to meet the  expectation of perfection, causes disappointment, a feeling that hurts to the core.

Expectations can also be like false hope. If you’re sights are set to high, once more that feeling of disappointment arises. Maybe hope is never to be found again.

A cracked, disappointed and hopeless sack of flesh and blood is the reflection in the mirror as the failure to achieve becomes an unfulfilled expectation.

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