Pet Peeves about Public Transit

Another list šŸ™‚ This time about things that people do that annoy me when taking public transit – bus, train or streetcar. It was inspired by a recent event on the ttc where a bus driver was pepper sprayed over a dispute about a transfer. Some people are nuts.

1) Too cool to hold on: This is when you are in a train, there are plenty of places to hold on to and people don’t because standing with their hands in the pockets looking cool is more important than stability and not stepping on people’s feet.

2) Impatience/Shoving: Hold your horses. You will get on/off the train. No need to shove or be rude. – If only people realized this…

3) Extreme PDA: It is so not necessary in an enclosed public space where there are only so many things you can look at. My mom said it’s just because I’m not in love with anyone and for that she received quite the evil glare. But honestly, get a room.

4) The P.A. System: Not quite a people problem, but the system itself. You can never hear anything that is said and the fuzzy noise usually leads to a discussion among passengers about where the next delay is.

5) Annoying kids: I can handle babies crying and frustrating toddlers, because you really can’t control them sometimes. But between the ages of 12 and 16, there is no need to be shouting, swearing incessantly and just being generally rude and obnoxious. But I see it all to often.

6) Drunk People: Once, at about 10pm on the train heading home, there was a group of drunk people heading downtown for a night out. We’re about half way there, stopped at a station when one of the guys leaves the car….and starts peeing. Right there on the wall of the platform. The doors were closing, but then his friends started holding the door open, preventing the train from leaving. The driver was angry; passengers were amused/pissed off and I was thinking what stupidity there was in the world.

7) Loud Music: It’s bad for your ears and mine because I don’t to hear your heavy metal or pop music.

8) Disruptive passengers: One time, during rush hour, I was on a very, very packed bus. Now there’s a rule that you must stand behind the white line, for safety reasons. Everyone was behind the white line and the bus driver was closing the doors, about to go when this woman walked on. There was no room for her and the bus driver was saying wait for the next bus. But NOOOOOO. This woman climbs on top of the wheel and sits there. At this point, the whole bus is pissed off, with some people yelling, and most wanting to get home. If there was space for me to leave the bus I would have and walked home, but that was not an option. The driver and mad woman kept arguing and eventually someone somewhere managed to make some space. 15 mins after we were supposed to leave, we finally left.

That was a semi-angry post. Hmmm.

On another note, R.I.P. Amy Winehouse, and my thoughts and prayers go out to those in Norway who have been affected by the attacks of yesterday.

– Turtles

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