The Yard (TV)

There is this HBO Canada show that I heard about around a month ago called The Yard. 

From the website: The six-part half-hour miniseries starring kids but aimed at adults takes a new approach to the mafia mentality by bringing the mean streets to the schoolyard with the kids running the show. Mourners of the late, great Sopranos will meet a new kind of mob as two rival schoolyard gangs struggle for supremacy. Their world is also being captured by an unseen Documentarian, voiced by Paul Gross (one of the miniseries’ executive producers), providing both “behind-the-scenes” footage and interviews with the kids intercut with the main drama. 

So far, I’ve watched the first five episodes and I must say, this is an awesome show!! It is funny, insightful and reminds me a lot of my days in elementary school. The cleverness of the writing and plot is great, as is the filming. I sat and watched the first five episodes in one day and need to watch the last one now. Sadly, if got taken off YouTube (for copyright reasons, naturally) so I’ll have to watch it on TV before I lose my HBO Canada. If your sensitive to children swearing then it’s not for you/go back to school and listen to how children speak. But besides that, I highly recommend it!

The trailer:

The Yard – Smuggling:

On another note, sorry about no posts for a while. I had a bit of a blogger’s block and I was busy and without my laptop for the last few days. Hope your summer is going well 🙂

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