The Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Other Awesome Children’s Books

The other day I was at a family friend’s house, eating breakfast when I saw Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days sitting on the table. I had never read any of the series but I’ve heard a lot about it as well as the movies because I watch waaaayyyyy too much Family Channel (Canada’s Disney Channel with some good ol’ canuck content mixed in there for good measure). I picked up the book as I was munching on some chicken and spent the next hour/hour and a half reading this hilariously funny and entertaining piece of literature. Many parts had me laughing out loud, to which my brother commented that I was enjoying the book more than I should be.

Reading that book got me thinking about what books I used to like when I was younger and in elementary school. So in my usual tradition, I thought I’d compile a list (surprise!).


Junie B. Jones: This was one of my favourite novel series when I was in kindergarten – grade 2. Even now, the misspelling and strange situations that Ms. Junie B. Jones gets herself into amuse me. Despite all her quirks, I always liked her originality, bizarre way of doing things and awful spelling.

The Magic Tree House: Both me and my brother were avid readers of these novels, following each magical adventure and the main characters Jack and Annie. I always thought that Annie was kind of stupid because she never listened to logical, older, and a bit uptight Jack, but she had a big heart. And the spinoff novels and books? Read those too. I loved the series so much that in the 3rd grade, I stole one of the books from the library! Yeah. I was that cool 😛

You Are Special & If Only I Had A Nose: These illustrated children’s books, written by Max Lucado, are great. In my six grade class, we read both of them and had discussions about looks, acceptance, all that good stuff. Lucado is a christian writer and his other illustrated books are just as awesome, but in grade six, we had no clue about the religious background and I never figured it out for years. I own about six of his books and I  highly recommend them. They are beautifully illustrated and written.

Arthur/Franklin Books: I read most of the picture books and the Arthur novels. It was a great combination: the books stimulated my reading, while at the same time, I was a fan of the shows, developing my love for television at an early age. 🙂

Robert Munch + Dr. Seuss = ♥: How can I pick just one of any of these great author’s books? They are always entertaining and visually engaging. Some of my favourite Munch books are, Love You Forever, Ribbon Rescue, Purple, Green and Yellow, and Pigs and Promise is a Promise. The website just made me want to head out to my library and borrow the whole kids section. My favourite Dr. Seuss books were Fox in Sox, Green Eggs and Ham, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and The Cat in the Hat. 

Individual Books

 Perhaps the most sarcastic and odd children’s fairy tale books out there. But perhaps the most fantastic.
By the same people as The Stinky Cheese Man and just as funny. The best version of the story I have yet to hear. 
One of my first grade loves. I mean who doesn’t love sharks that want to eat their teachers?
Lovely. Just lovely.
Saddest book ever. Stuffed animals hold a very dear place in my heart.
I’m not sure what to say about this book, except I really liked it as a kid and never read any of the other Piggle-Wiggle books.
My black history lesson – great book.
What were some of your favourite children’s books/series?

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