Fave Posts: Crafting Brilliance

Over the years I have perused many crafting sites looking for tutorials and inspirations for my fleeting brushes with the artistic world. And after some searching and wandering around the web, soaking in people’s creativity, I’ve come up with some of my favourite posts on crafting blogs and sites in recent years. These have either served as inspiration for some fanciful idea or provided the template for some random thing I have or want to create. Enjoy 🙂


1) Twister Rain Coat – Craftster.org: When I saw this post on the site , I was amazed. I never would have thought to create a coat using a Twister Mat. I really want to try this now. P.S. Craftster.org is perhaps one of my favourite crafting sites. It is well organized, has a large database and you can find almost anything there, if you know how to look.


2) Fish to Sushi PlushieCut Out and Keep: I saw this, tried it, and it came out awesome!!! You can see my version here. This site is good to post and find all sorts of tutorials as well as your own versions of things you have tried.


3) Melted Crayon Art – found on Craftgawker.org: I only found this piece of art today on the blog Unsimple Living through the fantastically awesome site, Craftgawker. The site is constantly updated with the most popular or most recent crafts and tutorials from all around the web compiled into easy browse through and beautifully designed website. I have a strong desire to do this crayon project as well.


4) Teesha Moore Fabric Journals – YouTube: This isn’t a blog/forum post so much as a video I saw on YouTube. I was led there by a forgotten post but I was glad I did. These fantastic journals, created by crafter Teesha Moore are very easy to do and can be made with a wide range of materials. I’ve seen people turn them into bags and pillows and various other creative creations. I made a journal for my friend based on this video (pictures here).


5) Party Animal NecklaceFlamingo Toes: Aren’t these awesome!! They are so cool and unique. One thing I love about Flamingo Toes are all the Anthropology jewelry knock off tutorials as well the Crush of the Week posts – a list complied of crafting inspirations and how-tos from various places.


6) DIY Wrap BraceletHonestly WTF: This not only inspired me, but countless other crafters on the web. I keep seeing these bracelets as well as variations everywhere. I’ve tried it myself and they have come out pretty well. The site is not crafting so much as fashion ideas and lemmings.


7) DIY LinksChic Steals: I couldn’t decided on one I really liked specifically so I decided to pick my favourite overall thing. Every so often, Carly, who started and runs the site, posts some links to new inspirations, DIYs and ideas. I really like the site because of the variety of topics (relating to fashion and DIY) and hearing stories about Carly’s travels to Japan.

Hope y’all get creative! 🙂

Note: I claim no rights to the photos. They are taken from the sites where I found them. The sources are linked in the photo’s caption.

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