New Doctor Who and Torchwood: Miracle Day

I was completely unaware that series 6.5 of Doctor Who was starting today until I saw an ad this morning on YouTube and THANK GOD I DID!!!!! I don’t know why they stopped showing it earlier in the year but I’m glad it was only a few months and not a year or something. This new one is a very good episode and next weeks looks completely scary – like I’m going to have to watch it in the daylight. :O

Anyways, my goodness am I confused. I don’t really want to spoil it for any one who hasn’t seen it yet but I do have some questions, so nevertheless, here is the spoiler alert.

!!!!!!SPOILER (-ish) ALERT!!!!!!!
Can someone please explain the whole River Song is Amy’s daughter grew up with her and was named after herself? I mean I think I get it but some other point of views would be nice. And I am curious about River and the Doctor’s crossing path. Is the eye patch lady with the Silence because she isn’t nearly as frightening as the alien creature who erases your memory? And was Hitler even relevant to the story because last time I checked he was still in the closet…
Torchwood Time!
I love me some Captain Jack ♥

I don’t like Rex. I don’t know if anyone has been watching the new season but Rex is a jerk, in the most toned down terms. I haven’t really cared much for this season because I find it too American and not British/Welsh enough for me. The concept of nobody dying and Captain Jack becoming mortal is a fantastic storyline, but the plot and script aren’t really the best. There was so much potential but just never got there. 

Some of my biggest quams with this current series are:
  • the blatant use of the Torchwood name: last time I checked, this was supposed to be a “secret” organization. But no, not this time. And it’s really quite frustrating.
  • Rex: his character is an asshole, if you pardon my language, but the previously used term of jerk wasn’t quite strong enough. There is no need for him to be so mean because he is on the good side, if you will, and is “member” of Torchwood. Torchwood aren’t assholes – or at least they have some heartfelt back story and a sense of sympathy.
  • the other girl whose name escapes me at the moment. Oh I remember – Esther! Yeah, she’s lame. And can’t keep her freaking mouth shut!!!! Sorry. I just get very wound up about shows. Unwilling emotional investment and such.
  • CIA involvement: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! AMERICANS!!!!! NO MORE AMERICANS!!!!!!
  • Not enough aliens: I know, I know – doesn’t really fit into the concept but I could do with bizarre faces and creepy supernatural-like stuff
I hope that if they do continue the series, they hitchhike it back to Cardiff and bring me some accents.
P.S. I just did number 7 on my eyes again from my realizations list. It hurts :`(

One thought on “New Doctor Who and Torchwood: Miracle Day

  1. Little Orange Jeep Girl says:

    I am just as excited and confused about Doctor Who as you are. I am sorry I can't offer an explaniton about Amy naming her daughter after her daughter. It's like one of things that happens becasue Amy named her that in the first place because she was friends with her daughter. Also do you know who Benjamin is? Hopefully all of the questions will be answered at the end of the season.


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