The Age of Complaining

I recently saw an article in the Metro newspaper while sitting on the bus. It was saying that social media has created this new environment online to serve as an outlet for our complaints. It was referring mainly to product dissatisfaction but it got me thinking about a different side.


I believe that we are in an age where complaining has become a part of everyday life and it seems like we constantly need to share these dissatisfactions  with others. Sometimes it’s stuff that does need to be brought to attention – other times, not so much.

While talking one day, a friend of mine remarked how a mutal Facebook friend always seemed to post negative status updates, complaining about one thing or another. They would do this a few times a week. Sometimes their issues were relatable or funny, but after a while you start to wonder why this person seems so easily ticked off.

It’s an interesting habit that basically anyone who uses social networking sites have done before. Complaining is in our nature and is how we voice our frustrations. Maybe in the past we complained just as much as we do now, but with the rise of the internet and the increasing transparency of our daily lives, everything is more out in the open. Whining isn’t attractive. We should be more conscious  of just how much we complain about the little things and instead be grateful for them.

The Metro Article

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