The Rumbling Tummy Syndrome

Definition: an uneasy and noisy sensation due to a lack of food and meal planning

– loud stomach growls
– clutching of the stomach
– headaches and/or dizziness
– the shuffling of papers/feet or the scraping of chairs in an attempt to cleverly disguise the loud growls

When it appears:
– in quiet classrooms while writing midterms
– studying at the library
– in a silent computer lab
– during a tutorial while you are answering a question
– any inopportune/inappropriate moment that serves to embarrass you

If only I could eat this daily šŸ˜¦

– walk around with granola bars – they can help fend off the rumbles temporarily
– always have money for food or bring lunch (keep a map of microwave locations campus-wide)

Ā Additional Information:
This syndrome has affected countless university and high school students alike – and still continues to do so. Although it is easy to combat – just follow the remedies. But remember, paper is noisy so use it to your advantage; too much feet shuffling looks like you have to go pee. Good luck and get well soon!

*Note: I’m not a doctor šŸ˜‰

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