Distracted by Diseases

At this moment I really should be finishing a paper on “The Changing Geography of Human Disease” for my ancient civilization and environment class, but instead, like any good student, I have resorted to being unproductive and procrastinating. The biggest issue with writing this paper quite frankly, is that it is just too damn interesting. I picked a topic that I knew wouldn’t bore me to death, but my decision has produced some very unintentional consequences.

I signed out the book Plagues & Poxes: the Impact of Human History on Endemic Disease by Alfred Jay Bollet and unfortunately for me, it is a really good read. I have spent more time than necessary learning about the spread of syphilis and the elimination of small pox. And I can’t forget the bubonic plague, a.k.a.  the Black Death, which is oh so terribly fascinating/freaking lethal. Before I go to sleep, I read a chapter on a different disease; a chapter that contains a lot more detail than is needed for my paper. I fear I may have veered off topic but its just so hard to stay on track when reading something interesting that isn’t related to Spanish grammatical structure or French vocab.

I hope all this enthusiasm will result in an A+ quality piece of work, because that mark is greatly desired/needed. Maybe I should stop writing blog posts and go back to explaining how Columbus (and many other Europeans) killed millions of the indigenous peoples of the Americas. Yeah. Sounds like a plan.

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