Long Time, No Read (and other update-like things)

School sucks. At this point primarily because it is exam time. But also because of the extreme lack of reading that has occurred over the last 3 and a half months. Every time I go to the blog, I can see “50 Book Challenge”, sitting at the top, just taunting me. I am  half way through, at 25 books with 5 months left. It was going pretty well and I was reading a ton in the summer. But then school started and all I have read is a chapter and a half of what would have been a great book, had I not developed a sense of dislike due to the $1.30 of over dues I had to pay on it. Fortunately,the break is almost here, so I finally have time to buckle down and engulf myself in some lovely literary works. First on the list is John Grisham’s King of Torts, since I love his work and it’s sitting right next to me. After that I think I’ll tackle whatever is on my bookshelf. There is a lot there that I have yet to read.

On another note, I think I’m going to do another 12 days of crafting again this year. I’ve been in a creative rut for the last few months and it’s driving me nuts. There are people who can’t go days without writing or drawing. For me, it’s making or repurposing something and it has been months. I’m about to tear my room apart just so I can glue it back together. So once more, when the break starts and time suddenly appears in abundence, I will get crafting, creating whatever my heart desires for 12 straight days. I will post each creation and the background/inspiration/tutorial if there is one, for those 12 days, with Christmas being the last finale. Last year on facebook I only made it to 8 days but this year will be different! I’m oh so excited 🙂

And finally, ending with a completely different subject – driving. It’s no new fact on this blog that I’ve had my issues with driving (click here) but hopefully those will all be conquered because just a few days before Christmas, I’m going to take the final driving exam. If I pass it means I can basically drive in any province, in the states, and internationally should I so desire. I nervous as hell because it’s winter driving and I get freaked out easily, which isn’t very good. But driving is all about being knowledgable and confident, so hopefully I can be those two and have a good test.

*sighhhh* the holiday season is here…

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