12 Days of DIY – Days 4 & 5 – Cellphone revamp & Glitterized Boots

Like the bottom of my page says: “Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies”. So very true. Today’s post involves glitter.

Day 4 was pretty basic. My phone was in much need of a back cover overhaul. I never like the last thing I had painted on it but it was fairly permanent so I left it for the last couple of months or so. It took about an hour to scrub everything off. It required a bit of time soaking in a mixture of stain remover and dish soap and a whole lot of scrubbing to get the paint off. Then about 15 q-tips to get the little dots of nail polish removed. My fingers hurt from all the scrubbing but watching Battlestar Galactica eased the pain 🙂

I settled on something very basic: a glittery blue. Primarily because that particular nail polish only cost me 50 cents and it’s super pretty!! I will probably add some more detail later but I like it for now.

The previous phone cover  when first painted – it was horribly scratched before I repainted it:

Day 5 involved more glitter (yay!!). For a while I had wanted to test out DIY glitter shoes that I had seen on many sites (like here and here). While most of those shoes were done with gold glitter I don’t wear gold too much. Naturally silver was the next option.

Originally I wanted black glitter but it wouldn’t show up when I tried it, unfortunately.

Basically I just combined approximately even parts Modge Podge (mine is matte) and glitter and pasted it on the boots. When it dried I added more, covering up any gaps or spaces. This stuff got everywhere and somehow ended up on my face, as glitter always does. -_-

I think that it looks a little futuristic and spacey, which I’m okay with. I’ll leave the silver for now, but I might change it to a dark purple and see how that goes. I’ve already got some random outfits planned in my head for such dramatic looking shoes.

For some reason, every time I look at them, I think “glitter cowboy books” even though they are not…it’s weird…

Safety pins and origami next 🙂

Happy Hanukkah!

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