12 Days of DIY – Day 6 & 7 – Safety Pin Necklace and Some Random Jewelry

Day 6: Continuing with my love for safety pin jewelry I developed when I was in Quebec earlier this year, I tried my hand at a safety pin necklace. I think it turned out pretty well.

I think that the dollar store has stopped selling safety pins because finding the last box was quite a challenge. Plus they are all different sizes and it’s a bit too long. But I still really like it.

Action Shot!

Day 7: This day, I just tossed together some jewelry after a little adventure to the bead store. I love that place. It’s got everything from beads to gold findings to silver jewelry. My heaven. I whipped up these apple earrings using some of the many apple ornaments found around my house.

Litterally. There is a giant bowl filled with them and another vase in the kitchen. 

Here we have the lovely Bow Wowie, named after (Lil’) Bow Wow himself modelling these earrings.

They were too short originally but a few more jump rings and they were just the right length.

Doesn’t he look darling?

I also whipped up a little robot ring using on of two pendants and ring backings I bought. Each was 75 cents so it only a buck 50. Awwww yeahhhh.

I’ll probably buy another one to make a set of earrings.

In the last post I said I’d do something origami, but it has been given me so much grief that I just about threw the paper off the balcony into the freshly fallen snow. I couldn’t find the paper I wanted, some paper I tried was too thick, turned my fingers silver, various other stuff… But I still have ideas up my sleeve and plan on completing all twelve days!

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