I figured now would be a lovely time to post about Res and it’s Spanishness. My res is called Oviedo, named after some guy no doubt. I think there are like 3 floors with rooms and a basement but honestly I haven’t walked around so I don’t really know. Naturally I was put in the residence farthest from the part of campus were my classes are. It is about a 15-20 minute walk now that I don’t get totally lost any more.

I have a double room. I share it with a very nice girl from a small town a few hours away. Although I googled it and it’ about the size of Ajax or Whitby so not really that small. The thing is she smokes. I have no issue with that, but apparently in residences here you are allowed to smoke in your rooms. They come with ash trays (although we can’t find them…). If I had known I would have requested to room with a non smoker, but that thought never crossed my mind at all. But she doesn’t really smoke in the room so it’s okay.

The really great part about our room though, is that we have our own toilet, sink and shower! The works! Oh and also a bidet. Wiki it. The private washroom is awesome. No need to share with a whole floor, especially when our room is so close to the main entrance, it would be kind of weird.

In terms of residents, most of the people are Spanish. I’m sure this 30% the schools international students are hiding out elsewhere because I can’t seem to find them. I only know of two or three other people in res who aren’t Spanish. One’s a girl from Hong Kong and there is a guy from Germany. But I know international students exist!

Meals are at really random times. Breakfast during the week is between 7-9. I have never been because I’ve never been up that early. Most of my classes are in the afternoon. Lunch is from 2:30 – 4. It is a very Spanish thing to eat late. One of my teachers was saying how afternoon doesn’t start until they’ve eaten lunch. So if you see someone at 2 and say good afternoon and they haven’t eaten yet, they will respond no it’s still good morning. Dinner is 9-10:30. The food isn’t super fantastic. I don’t really know what I’m eating most of the time and fries have been served with every meal I’ve eaten there. I’m not quite sure the concept of desert is as strong as it is here. Apples, oranges, bananas and yoghourt are not desert in my mind. But my stash of oranges grows because they make a good breakfast. Also, bottled water is served with every meal. Bottled water is served everywhere. No such thing as tap water I guess. 

(p.s. There were issues with commenting before but now anyone can comment!)

(Because this song is awesome and you probs haven’t heard it in a while) (p.p.s. Estelle Rocks):

3 thoughts on “Res

  1. Anonymous says:

    2 girls and a bidet-hi sarrah thanks for sharing love reading these post. Like your room and I'm guessing that the purple luggage is yours so “cool”(thumbs up). It sucks that u got stuck with a smoking roomy however as your saying she is nice then I hope she keeps her smoking outside. Congrats on your new and wonderful adventure, love sharing it with u. Buenos noches


  2. Eliza says:

    Ah I'm enjoying the blogging thus far, nice to see the residence! the smoking bit might suck a little. Altho the tap water is because they dont have the same kind of water treatment facilities as we do here in canada miss 😛


  3. Amanda says:

    Your room actually looks pretty cool… though the whole smoking roommate thing kind of sucks. I'm living through yours and Cayda's blogs while I'm stuck here in Whitby 😦 so keep it coming lol


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