The Week

It hasn’t been terribly exciting around here. On Tuesday my roommate moved out to a single room down the hall. I was all excited  (although cautiously) that I might get the room to myself – my roommate and I got along well, btw. People have still been moving in despite that fact that school already started two weeks ago. But all hopes were dashed on Friday when the residence emailed me and about five or six other girls saying that we can’t stay in double rooms by ourselves and we would have to move in with one another. Fun times. There was a meeting today but I wasn’t able to go due to class. But then I ran into a girl outside my door and from what I understood, by the end of the night I could have a new roommate/be moving rooms. Hopefully they’re nice!

I still haven’t registered for classes yet….gotta get on that….But I finally worked out my schedule. I’ve started this third week of school actually knowing what classes I’m taking and where they are, so that is lovely. They’re okay. The hardest one is probably going to be the teaching Spanish as a second language course. I don’t really know what’s going on most of the time. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take any french classes this semester. I feel like if anything is gonna screw me up for 4th year it’s gonna be french, which is my minor. I guess we will have to see what happens.

The course I am most excited about is Portuguese. I love the prof. He is from Lisbon and is so passionate about the culture and making the course interesting and not just about drilling grammar into our heads. He already speaks in Portuguese most of the class. Admittedly it can be a bit hard to understand him because he speaks Spanish with a strong accent but he’s so nice and I’ll get used to it.

Some girls and a guy just came up to my door and introduced themselves, after they heard there was an international girl in my room. They were so nice. Apparently there is a British girl across the hall but I haven’t met/seen her yet.

What else….

Went out for tapas last Monday after class. That was nice. I had some delicious Shepard’s pie like thing. Had I known it was so cheap I would have had five. Wednesday night was the regular intercambio (exchange) group that I go to with Vi, my friend. We went to a different bar than the week before. It was an open bar for 4 euros for the time we were there. Open bars are a common thing it seems during the week. You can usually get things like sangria, beers, some wines and other concoctions. There was an Eramus (the European student exchange network) party (again with open bar) on Thursday. We didn’t stay out too long, by Spanish standards, only until about 3, when we left downtown. And the weekend was thoroughly boring as I was sick for most of it. Although I did get caught up on almost all my shows (I completely forgot about Hawaii Five-O – that’s next on the list).

It’s only Monday but this week is looking like a good one. I’m off to dinner!

oh and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Enjoy the turkey 🙂


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