Random Musings #2

– I’m just going to go ahead and call ham Spain’s national dish. It isn’t but it’s everywhere, so it might as well be. The other day on res they served a giant piece of honey dew melon, delicately covered in….wait for it….a giant piece of thinly sliced ham. Yup.

– I learned a lot of Argentinian slang last week. I can’t really repeat/remember most of it but let’s just say that saying “pigeons” as if it were a Spanish word in Argentina does not mean small birds.

– Angelina Jolie has a brother. WTF???

– I’ve come to the conclusion that Catalan sounds like a mix of French, Portuguese and Spanish.

– A lot of European countries start teaching English (or another language) at an early age in school – like how we do with French, except they don’t fail at it. I can usually talk in English with Germans or Scandinavians, which is nice 🙂

– All my favourite bands have decided that now is a lovely time to play in Toronto. When I’m not there of course.

– Irish accents are the greatest ♥

– I’m going to die from an M&M’s overdose. Like actually, it’s an addiction. 

A tapa with Whiskey and Coke


For Susan: Shoes bought in Madrid 🙂

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