The Worst Weekend Ever (that wasn’t even completely bad but still horrible)

This weekend started off lovely. My roommate wanted to go somewhere for the weekend and we settled on going to Avila, a small town about an hour and a half away from here. I will finish righting the blog post for that when I’m in a better mood and have finished combing through all the photos. When we got back home from buying the tickets at the bus station and doing some shopping (which wasnt supposed to happen, so I didn’t bring a bag or anything with me), I realized the 30 euros I had in my pocket was gone. yeaaaaa. I tend to be VERY pessimistic when something goes wrong so I was completely pissed off but I knew I had lost it a while back and the money was no where near res. My roommate insisted on searching some of the street we had walked but we didn’t find it. Luckily for me I have a roommate who is able to stay in a good mood (but not in an annoying frustratingly cheery mood that would drive me nuts), so I didn’t go to bed super angry, just a bit upset.

The next day we went to Avila and that was great. We had a lot of fun and took some good pictures.


This morning we got up early to go to the flea market,  called “El Rastro” in Salamanca (I’m pretty sure El Rastro is a general name for a flea market). I will probably write another post about that at some point too. Everything was going fine until my roommate, near the end of our time there, was just casually like, be aware of your stuff. That’s when I realized that my purse was considerably lighter. I opened it and realized my wallet wasn’t in there. It had been stolen.  I panicked. I tend to panic. (If you have never seen my wallet, it is this giant blue thing with a large Canada sticker on the back. Not easy to misplace). I basically started crying and freaking out. There was no money in there really, less than 10 euros, but everything else was: my credit card, debit cards, sin card, health card, driver’s license, my new library card (!!), my residence card, all my old university cards which I loved, my UofT card, and a bunch of random other junk like my yoyo’s card! Now I won’t get points when I buy frozen yogurt 😦

El Rastro in summer (source)

We left the market and I was crying while trying to call my dad back in Canada. But he didn’t answer so I called my mom and started semi-crying all over again while I explained everything to her. Then I got a hold of my dad and once more there was some crying. While all this was happening my roommate was looking for the police trying to get help and find out what to do (she’s the best). After ages we saw a police car (the second one) go by and she had to run after the car to try and get it to stop, despite the fact that they saw her signaling  to them. And then they weren’t even helpful, just impatient, not like there were going anywhere -__-. They said that I would probably just be lucky and someone would turn it in. HAHAHAHAH surreeeeeeee. How helpful policemen.

I know I shouldn’t walk around with all that stuff. It’s just I never thought to take most of it out because I normally walk with it all in Canada. You would actually not believe how many times I have been asked for my SIN card or need to show proof of ID or have my student card. But then again I’m not in Canada. Thankfully my passport and my USal student card, which I only got on Friday, weren’t in there and neither was the card I use for my meals on residence. And I also have photocopies of my documents and cards back home in Toronto. My dad also cancelled my bank cards within an hour of them being stolen so they haven’t been used.

It just sucks. Plus I don’t remember my log-in name for my classes so I can’t access that and I discovered that for some reason I don’t have a full month meal plan, which I learned as I went for lunch and I had no more lunches left for the month. Luckily the lady is really nice and let me eat, but I am suppose to have 30 breakfasts, lunches and dinners a month…sigh….

Tomorrow morning bright and early, we’re going to the police station to check lost and found and file a report. But I just want to sleep. Hopefully this week turns out better. Halloween is Wednesday (I’ve been working on a (not so creative) costume :P)  and it’s a long weekend, so hopefully it’s better. It has to be. For now I’ll drown my sorrows in M&M’s, Snickers, Muse and the Big Bang Theory and be thankful that I have my passport and an awesome roommate 🙂

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