Ávila, Segovia & random other stuff

The last two Saturdays, excluding today, I visited the lovely nearby towns of Ávila and Segovia. But lazy me didn’t/still does not feel like writing anything particularly lengthy about them, so I think four sentences each and a whole lot of photos should suffice.

ÁVILA: This town is about an hour and a half away and the main attraction is a giant wall that surrounds the historic centre. I went with my roomie and a very nice Italian girl from res. If you want some good exercise while looking like the ultimate tourist, I recommend spending the last hour before the bus leaves running from one end of wall to the other, all the while stopping, snapping a picture and bursting off again. It’s fun (and exhausting!)



SEGOVIA: Segovia is about three hours from Salamanca and personally I prefer it to Ávila – it’s prettier. I went with Em (one of the girls with whom I went to Madrid) and we had a great day. We spent most of our time at the giant roman aqueduct and inside the giant castle, climbing stairs of death (I think giant = today’s adj. of the day). We also ate kebabs and for dinner I ate a questionably cooked hamburger – good times. 🙂

looks like Switzerland

detailing on a house
the Cathedral

the Castle – it supposedly inspired Walt Disney’s Castle

Segovia: the land of crazy ceilings

tiles and tassles

Life lesson: always eat before getting on bus rides. Both times, people got sick on the bus ride there.
Now onto other matters.

MELANIE  FIONA! Have you listened to her??? I know she’s not new to the music scene but I mean, I’m just falling in love with the (Canadian♥) girl! Also, Azealia Banks is great if you like 90s sounding hip hop and are not opposed to explicit content. Oh, and I have FINALLY listened to The Asteroids Galaxy Tour‘s newest album, Out of Frequency (which came out in January). Gotta love those Danes.

I’m seriously thinking about moving. I spend a few hours today emailing people about looking at apartments. Res is not for me and I really need my own room and space. Plus there is only so much food cooked with ham, calls in the middle of the night, and lack of a refrigerator and oven I can take. And the fact that I have to put on a bra just to go eat?! That might be the tipping point.

Besides that, things have been pretty chill around here. I think I have a midterm on Tuesday. It might be Wednesday but I’m just gonna  go to class and see what happens. I found out you can buy a pack of 6 snickers for 2.30. So naturally I did. And that McDonald’s has a curry sauce as an option when you buy chicken nuggets. It’s actually not that bad. I went out the last two nights (:O). Thursday night was for a friend’s birthday and Friday night was a Brazilian themed party, although the ratio of Brazilians to every other nationality was like 1:4. But it was fun, met some cool people and learned not to mix rum and wine. Silly naive little me.


(and in German: Prost!/ Polish: Na zdrowie!/French: Santé!)

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