Life is…blahh but crafty

It has been waaaaaaay too long since I’ve posted anything on here. But alas, life is not all that interesting. I have basically lost all motivation to do anything (like school work) so I’m kinda behind in that regard. My lack of apartment hunting means that instead of living in an apartment from December onwards, I settled for moving to another res, the one across from mine. I will have a smaller room, but it will be all mine and fantastically glorious. There is a small kitchen where I would cook for myself and overall hopefully save about 100 euros a month. I only plan on being there for two months though.

Instead of working I have become even more obsessed with Pinterest, the most fantastical site in the world. Did you know you can save your boards as PDF files?!?!?!?! Imagine my joy. I also watched the first two seasons and a half of Fringe, caught up with a bunch of other shows and listened the Lianne La Havas album, “Is Your Love Big Enough?” about 30 times on repeat yesterday.

I made a bow from ribbons

Before that though, Vi and I went to a mini concert organized by a very nice Russian/Portuguese girl we met at that Brazilian party a few weeks ago. She sang some jazz songs and played classical songs on the piano. A few other people played songs as well. It is amazing how people can memorized such complex pieces of music and how quickly and swiftly their hands moved. I was mesmerized – it was great.

Last Friday I saw Skyfall with Em and her friends, IN SPANISH. I’m not quite sure I understand the whole appeal of James Bond. That was the first full JB movie I’ve ever seen and I was actually pretty funny altough I don’t think it was supposed to be. Many parts seemed illogical to me and Javier Bardem makes a horrible blonde.

I have also been getting crafty, because making random stuff keeps me sane. I’ve made some rings from wire, a wire Christmas tree ornament and an unconventional advent calendar for a friend (although I am still on the hunt for small edible deliciousness…). I think I am going to do another 12 days of DIY, like I did last year on the old blog, except I shall do ALL 12 days. There are a bajillion ideas running through my head…

That’s about it.

Happy Belated American Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Rick Mercer Tuesday, etc.

Hello Alone – Charlie Winston

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