12 Days of DIY: Day 1, 2 & 3 – Earrings, Rings and a Vest

My Christmas project for the year is the same as last year! 12 days of DIY!! Each day, for about 12 days, I will make something diffferent, Christmas related or not. I’m excited because this year I will have to be REALLY creative due to the fact that I barely have any crating supplies here. But CHALLENGE EXCEPTED!

DAY 1: Ornament Earrings

While we were in Barcelona, we came across a store that was selling Christmas decorations and ornaments. So for a total of 50 cents I bought these little red gems and turned them into festive earrings. Even the guy at the bank liked them.

DAY 2: Wire Rings

Wire is my new best friend. Honestly, I love it. I made a few rings after being inspired by both SecretLifeOfABioNerd’s YouTube tutorial on wire rings and I Spy DIY’s rings as well. I really wanted to make a heart ring but I don’t have small enough pliers so I had to get creative. I also made them above-the-knuckle rings because they look so much more badass.

 DAY 3: T-shirt Vest

A while ago, in the flea market where my wallet got stolen (angry feelings still reside) I bought a few items of clothing that I thought I could turn into other things. So with one of the t-shirts I decided to make a vest. It is completely no-sew, just some cutting and tying. And I love it! I’ve worn it a few times and it’s very comfy. I’m pleased 😀 Here is the tutorial I used from the fantastic site Wobisobi: Grey, No Sew Vest, Diy.

Something unrelated: If you have been Christmas music deprived like I have been, I have found a great playlist on 8tracks of Christmas songs. It’s got the usual jingles but also a lot of random versions of songs by people you didn’t know sang Christmas songs or originals you haven’t heard in a while. It’s so festive!! I miss snow 😦

The playlist: Mixed Up Holiday Tunes

Stay crafty 🙂

Last year’s projects (only made it to Day 7):
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