Welcome to our flat

Hello and welcome to our apartment! If you will allow me, I shall give you a tour and show you how we put a little flavour (not really) into our new flat. But how did you come across your humble abode?, you may ask. Why, I shall tell you.


About a week and a half before the Christmas break, Vi, Em and I said, “Hey, wanna move in together?” and we all replied “yes”. Cue the frantic emailing and apartment hunting as Em left for Canada a few days later and Vi and I went away the following week. We emailed and called and finally were able to see three different places in the last few days before winter break. The first place we went to, about 4 minutes from residence, was not so great. It was really old, kinda small, not the best upkeep and didn’t have an oven, an essential part of what we were looking for.

The second place was great. It was big and spacious with a lot of natural light. It was in a great location, about 7 minutes closer to school in an area we were familiar with. There was a good sized kitchen, bathroom and two balconies. The last place was in a not so great area but the apartment itself wasn’t bad. The landlady was nice, really old, liked to talk a lot and there wasn’t a oven (notice a trend here? – I think it’s a Spanish thing). We realized that we would have to decide that night if we wanted any of these places because Vi left for the airport the next morning.

Drum roll please………

Piso numero 2! The sunny big apartment on the main road. At first Vi and I were gonna wait for Em to respond about our decision but we didn’t have the time, with the 6 hour time difference between Canada and Spain. So we went ahead, called the guy and thus we are here.

So, let’s begin with this “tour” thing. (the pictures are a mix of pre and post move in).


Behold le entrance and le long-ass hallway. I swear we have the most complicated locking system I have ever encountered. It takes me like 3 minutes to open the door every single time. And I also have a great amount of trouble with my key when I enter the lobby! I have buzzed up twice already – and the sound the doorbell/buzzer makes in the flat is as scary as really scary stuff. 

As I said before, no oven. But don’t worry, we solved that problem. Meet Toasty the toaster oven. We bought him a few days ago and he has solved all our oven needs (ignoring the fact that he stunk we first turned him on. But he’s supposed to do that apparently). We’ve got all the essentials like sinks, a stove, a fridge, a wine bottle opener, some weird brown glasses with strange insignias, some creepy clown mugs – you know, the usual. Might I also add that out of the three of us, Vi is by far the best cook and under her tutelage, I vow that by time I return to the motherland, I shall be able to make a proper pot of rice! 

It’s just a regular old bathroom where ducks hang out.


my messy, messy room

There are 3 bedrooms (mine is the biggest).  The pictures above mine are from before we moved in. Since I currently have a crazy amount of free time on my hands before the Paris trip next week and second semester starting the following Monday, I wrote a little poem and then made a video about my room. The current reaction from my friends has been that its “cute”. Judge for yourself. 


This is the most central part of the flat. We spend a lot of time here, since it has the most natural light, the television and the best wifi signal. And you know to chat, eat and all that since we don’t have a proper dining room. Also, we have started a liquor cabinet. Because we’re cool and classy like that. Below the alcohol is junk food. Because we’re lazy and addicted like that. But in all honesty, it’s the best room. The worst part is probably the couches, because the covers constantly side off. That’s just annoying. But having a television is great. We figured out how to get some channels in English so we now get Discovery Max and the Disney channel in English thus we watch a lot of Auction Hunters and Jessie (that show with the baby sitter and incredibly sassy/hilarious little girl). Los Simpsons, Walker Texas Ranger and Love It or List It in Spanish are great too. We watch marathons of Love It or List often, because it’s always on in the middle of the day.

And that is our apartment. If I know you and you live in Salamanca, stop by! (Creepy strangers not invited).

Tupac is watching you.

 Happy Groundhog Day!

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