Dublin Part #2

Here’s Part #1: Oh So Sunny Ireland

The last few days in Dublin were chilled and relaxed days. Saturday was our designated shopping day (the BEST sort of designation.) We went to some vintage stores in Temple Bar (including the great FanciSchmancy Vintage who was having an awesome sale). We also went to an Oxfam Charity Shop, Top Shop, Top Man, Penny’s, A-Wear, TJ Maxx, New Look and a cool indoor flea market. The usual (if I happened to live in Ireland). My most expensive purchase? These black creepers. Em and Vi hate them but I love them. Next you shall see me wearing heavy black eyeliner and making random references to unknown indie bands.

That night we went on a pub crawl with the same group we did the walking tour with on Thursday. It was kinda meh. You pay a standard fee but if you want anything besides the one shot per bar, you have to pay again. And Dublin’s a lot more expensive then Salamanca (but then again most places are). Salamanca has spoiled us. We didn’t stay till the end but we had a good enough time while we were there.There was a Brazilian girl who was the life of the group and some really nice Swiss girls (the German part). I also talked a bunch with a German guy who spent 9 months in army, back when it was obligatory, and who is now a professor of computer science somewhere in the middle of Germany. After some late night fries at the fast food joint that is Eddie Rocket’s, we headed back to the hostal.

Sunday was the day we intended to go to Belfast, but being tourist fails, we never really looked up how to get there. So we spent another day in Dublin with no real idea of what to do. We also forgot to look at suggestions Vi gave us before we left. We settled on going to the Archeological museum to see the famous bog bodies, which were creepy, leathery and completely fascinating. We left the museum to go to a cinema to watch “The Host” but lo and behold, the time the internet gave us was 30 mins later than the actual show time. Thus we had to wait two hours for the next one. Naturally, we went shopping again – our excuse is that the theatre was five minutes away from three different malls.  When we were finally able to see the film, we saw that whole back row was filled with those rowdy obnoxious teenagers, you know, the bunch that talk too loudy and storm out noisely in the middle of the film. Yea, those ones. But the film itself was actually pretty good. You’d never guess it was the twilight lady who wrote the book it is based on.

a bog body

really cool mural somewhere

failing at thosse machine games while waiting for the movie to start.
(Peppa Pig, you are too clever. And I want that 20 euros you’re holding)

After that we just had another chill, unexciting night as we headed, once more, to bed early because a long trip back to Salamanca was upon us the next day.

(Cue the cliché ending:) And that was Dublin/Ireland! A beautiful, awesome couontry with fantastic people that I one day hope to visit again. 🙂


The National Library (I’m pretty sure)

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