DIY Round-up: Threaded Belts + Bangles and Studded Shoes

I’ve wanted to write a post about some DIYs I’ve been working on for a while and I FINALLY have gotten around to it.

About 2 weeks ago one of my favourite DIY/Fashion YouTubers Evalina Barry posted a really easy DIY recreating embroidery threaded belts from J. Crew that normally cost about 40 dollars. Her DIY cost no more than 4 and looked just as good. You can watch her video here: DIY JCrew Threaded Belts.

Here is what I came up with, using an old belt from my closet.

I liked the look so much I revamped a few bangles I just bought as well. I loved the gold bangles originally, but I knew I would never wear them because the sound of metal banging on metal annoys the heck out of me, which is probably why I only own beaded bangles – because they are quieter.

I decided on red and white in a sudden burst of patriotism (or perhaps homesickness?).

Side note: I stored my embroidery thread using Studs and Pearls easy yet brilliant cardboard thread spool that I made out of a cereal box. You can find her tutorial and blog post here. Mine aren’t as cute though. 

The last DIY is a bit strange, albeit, but in my opinion cool nonetheless. Awhile ago I bought some shoes online and I liked them a lot. Then they came in the mail and I noticed the platform was a lot higher than it looked online. I should have checked the platform height in the details but it was one of those “free shipping, on sale, impulse buy” sorta things. Either way, the shoes are confortable to walk in but the uniformity of the tan colour and the tall height have deterred me from wearing them. So I decided to give them a mini makeover that may or may not be complete.

they’re sooo high!

I have been in love with studded shoes for a while and a few months back I saw some posts here and here for DIY versions of some Jeffery Campbell studded shoes. It’s realllllly simple: find some wedges or platform, put some glue on it and stick a bunch of thumbtacks in. Easy-peasy.

I still haven’t completely decided if I want to cover the whole platform or not but I like the basic division of colour so far. I would also prefer bronze thumbtacks but I couldn’t find any. When I go back home, I might do the whole base in bronze.

So that’s how I’ve been keeping myself busy when avoiding school stuff. I’m also working on turning a dress into a skirt and whatever other things I point my scissors at and cut.

What do you think: should I cover the whole heel?

Till next time! 🙂

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