The Summer

Summer. It’s already been about a month and a half since my summer started, (I’m counting from when I finished exams) and I feel like I have not done much at all.

I had a job but today is the last day of that. I’m on-call at that moment and if they don’t call in the next half hour, well, so long grocery store in a mall. It’s been an interesting three months. But basically all that means is that I’m on the hunt. Again. Gotta get that dough because Visa bills and tuition don’t pay themselves, as I’m ever so slowly learning. Based on this morning’s stroll through town enquiring about submitting resumes and where people are hiring, it seems everything is done online now. The anxious part of me is like, “awwwwwwwwww yea”. So much easier. But the I-Really-Need-A-Job part of me is like “I want to talk to the manager and have them actually put a face to the resume” and so on and so forth… It’s a mixed bag.

Also I’m moving, so that’s another stress level added on. We (dad and bro and I) are moving to a very unexciting location, with nothing but condos, apartments and office headquarters around a half an hour ride to the subway. Compare that to the five minute walk I have now to the station, next to the Don Valley, minutes from downtown and the Danforth and you can tell I’m just bursting for joy -_-. But also I’ve come to realize that that is life and sometimes there is just nothing you can do about it and to make the best of a new situation. Plus I’ve moved a gajillon times in my life already, I’ve kinda got it down packed. Pinterest shall be my new best friend.

On a scholastic note, I have enrolled in a third year summer french course parce que mon francais est horrible et cet clavier n’a pas des accents et c’est trop d’effort et excusez moi pour ma paresse et ma grammaire. I just can’t be bothered. If you’re one of the bajillion people I know who is going into teacher’s college to become a french teacher, you have your first student right here. I’m free. Ring me up.

On Saturday I start perhaps the most exciting academic thing of the year – an industrial sewing course. I’m quite pleased about that, because I have got it into my head that I should study fasihon techniques and design and this is the first step. I think you also might need to be able to draw and right now I’m my 10 year old cousin can draw better than me so that’s something I definitely have to work on.

That’s it I think. Updates – they are therapeutic. Good bye šŸ™‚

p.s. why have you started writing on this blog again?, you may (probs not) be asking. Well, I feel like a blog with such an awesome name should not go to waste, but really I wanted to exercise the writing-in-English parts of my brain since they really don’t get out that often. Also, the keyboard and computer screen in this library are sooooooo nice to work with, it gives me an excuse to leave the house.

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