Two trains and a dragonfly

I went for a walk yesterday. In a valley and through a forest. There’s a first time for everything.

I’ve been hesitant to walk the path into the valley (the Don Valley) since we moved into our new building a month ago since it’s very foreboding. But yesterday morning after about an hour and a half of deliberate delay, I finally left the house. And guess what! (What?!?) It’s a really cool place! Who knew?

I took a load of pics because I missed actually having something to take pictures of and this little escape from city life was the perfect opportunity. While I was walking, I was thinking about all these cool sentences and observations I could write for this post, but I really couldn’t be bothered to stop to write them down. So here are four things I took from my little scenic trip:

1. Train tracks are awesome. These pictures don’t do the giant structures justice.

2. Dragonflies are both super creepy and super cool at the same time. No pictures of them because I jumped back in fear whenever one got too close.

3. Selfies are awkward as hell. And yet that didn’t stop me from trying…..

omg nature

4. Being an environmentalist for the city would be quite cool. Before I left, I googled to find out the name of the path (East Don Trail) and I happened upon a city report from two years ago that looked at erosion in the area and the need to extend the trail further south. It was fascinating reading about what they are doing to help stop the erosion and then actually seeing it in action.

I saw children on scooters, old people walking and chatting, moms and strollers, skateboarders, bikers, adorable puppies, workers on their lunch break. Lots of people yet it never felt hectic or intrusive. It is a refreshing break from the concrete and asphalt. Must do it again sometime.

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